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APSCO is a non-profit association whose goal is informing and changing patients and societies’ mentality regarding cancer diagnosis, physical and mental rehabilitation of cancer patients, promoting and implementing their rights, psychosocial cancer care for patients and their families, as well as giving support to medical staff in order to provide complex and complete services which contribute to quality of life improvement.


APSCO unreservedly endorses the IPOS International Quality Standard of Cancer Care

1. Psychosocial cancer care should be recognised as a universal human right;

2. Quality cancer care must integrate the psychosocial domain into routine care;

3. Distress should be measured as the 6th Vital Sign after temperature, blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate and pain.


The IPOS Multilingual Core Curriculum in Romanian was officially launched  with our full support and collaboration.




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The objectives falling under APSCO’s goal include:

  • setting up groups of physical, mental rehabilitation and counseling/vocational (re)orientation for patients;
  • organizing trainings (communication, research and psychosocial intervention);
  • credentials for medical and social services;
  • contributing to the development of psychosocial care research in oncology by creating research programs and studies;
  • promoting trainings and professional development for members of the association, organizing seminars, symposiums, conferences, meetings, debates and supporting the participation at similar manifestations carried out by other organizations;
  • attracting financing from public, private and European funds;
  • promoting collaborations in the scientific and professional fields with public institutions, foundations and associations with similar activity nationally and abroad (for example, affiliation with the national network “Together for breast health”).


APSCO Association received approval for partnership with the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work of „Babeş-Bolyai” University, having in mind the following issues:

  • contribution to the development of scientific and material support;
  • promoting and sustaining education in the field of medical social work within the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work;
  • providing the faculty’s students with a proper structure for carrying out volunteer activities and practices in the field of oncology related social work and care;
  • creating publications and scientific handbooks regarding the objectives within the association;
  • enhancing the excellency status of the university in research.



APSCO is partner of the European project “Supporting people affected by cancer in their social and professional life – SPAC”, started on 1st of September 2016.

APSCO represents cancer patients as an alternate member of the Ethics Committee at the Clinical Rehabilitation Hospital in Cluj-Napoca.

APSCO represents cancer patients as an alternate member of the Ethics Committee at the County Clinical Emergency Hospital of Cluj-Napoca.

APSCO represented cancer patients as a permanent member of the Ethics Committee at the Institute of Oncology “Prof. Dr. Al. Trestioreanu ” in Bucharest. HERE


The founder of this initiative is Associate Professor Csaba L. Degi PHD, MSW who, in the past 17 years, carried out intense activity in research, development and promoting good practices in psychosocial cancer care services, acknowledged nationally and internationally.


APSCO is a full member of the European Cancer Patient Coalition.

APSCO is member of the Google for Nonprofits program.


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E-mail: office@psychooncology.ro

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