4th International Conference on Sociology and Social Work

Topic: 4th International Conference on Sociology and Social Work

Social work is on a quest to shape a science for itself, as illustrated by University of Southern California’s 2011 conference on this theme (see September 2012 issue of Research on Social Work Practice). Social work has also embarked on a journey to formulate and address Grand Challenges that exist in areas such as fragmented systems of health and mental health care, issues of oppression and social stigma, and a need to reform the child welfare system. In all, these and other efforts to promote interdisciplinary interaction between sociology and social work may help create a better world.

Location: USC School of Social Work, Los Angeles, USA

Time: May 19-20, 2014


PresentationPsychosocial oncology care in Romania: building professional capacities

Professional networking:

Dean Haluk Soydan – USC School of Social Work

Prof.  John Brekke  – USC School of Social Work

Prof. Carey Malcolm – University of Chester


Conference program is here.

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