Romanian Government – Ministry of Health

The first National Multi-annual Plan of Integrated Cancer Control for 2016-2020 (RNCCP), which is covering new cancer control strategies in Romania, in accordance with the relevant European guidelines, was presented on 13th of April 2016 in Bucharest.

Distinguished Ministers, Your Excellencies, Dear Colleagues, this is a truly historic moment for psychosocial oncology care in Romania.” dr. Dégi

The first national Committee for Social Work and Support in Oncology and the first subcommittee for Psycho-Oncology, as part of the working group to develop the National Cancer Control Plan for 2016-2020 presented priorities and action plans in psychosocial oncology. Official presentation is below:

There is no social support and care in oncology without social workers.” dr. Dégi


Official messages – LISTEN HERE 

Assoc. Prof. Patriciu Achimaș-Cadariu, Romanian Ministry of Health

Prof. Dr. Alexandru Irimie, President of the Oncology Committee at Ministry of Health

Dacian Cioloș, Prime Minister

Prof. Vasile Dâncu, Deputy Prime Minister

Assoc. Prof. Diana Loreta Păun, State Councilor

Assoc. Prof. Corneliu-Florin Buicu, President of the Committee for Health and Family, Chamber of Deputies



Messages from European cancer experts and patient representatives –  LISTEN HERE 

Dr. Cassandra Butu, Interim coordinator of the World Health Organization Country Office in Romania

Lucia Varga, Member of the Romanian Parliament

Dr. Florian Nicula, Executive President of the Romanian National Cancer Control Plan (RNCCP)

Dr. Tit Albreht, Cancer Control (CanCon) Joint Action Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Francesco Di Lorenzo – European Cancer Patients Coalition

Cezar Irimie, Romanian patient organization representative



Short presentations of general and specific objectives and main strategies – LISTEN HERE

Dr. Florian Nicula, Executive President of the Romanian National Cancer Control Plan and RNCCP Working Group Leaders, including Dr. Dégi.

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