Dr. Dégi László Csaba PhD MSW                                                                                                                                                          

Associate professor at the Babeş Bolyai University                                                      
Faculty of Sociology and Social Work
Cluj Napoca, Romania

International Psycho-Oncology Society 



Dr. Csaba Degi is Associate Professor with habilitation at the Babes – Bolyai University, Faculty of Sociology and Social Work in Cluj – Napoca, Romania. He is an appointed member of the Committee for Social Work and Support in Oncology, part of the Steering Group to develop National Cancer Strategy 2016-2020 from the Romanian Ministry of Health and Romania’s representative to the International Psycho Oncology Society – IPOS. Since 2001 he leads the research project APSCO – – and he is president of the Association for Services and Communication in Oncology.