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APSCO is partner of the European project “Supporting people affected by cancer in their social and professional life – SPAC”

“Supporting people affected by cancer in their social and professional life” project intends to aware adult learners (>15) how social media and networks can help them to increase or get new skills and competencies, that contribute to their professional and personal development into an inclusive society, by increasing the social and professional integration of vulnerable groups (people with cancer) and promoting working opportunities. The main purpose would be to obtain a recognition of these skills that could increase their possibility to work with/for a vulnerable group (person with cancer) and increase adult learners’ professional expectations. The aim of the SPAC project is to empower the people with cancer and people which are working with/for persons with cancer to be more confident, independent financially and appreciated by the family and community.


Our team in the SPAC project is coordinator of dissemination and of O3 based on strategy documents:

Dr. Dégi László Csaba

Dr. Andrada Pârvu

Drd. Florina Pop

Raluca Farcaș

Victor Gruița

Hanusz Stella

Gábor Ferenc

Lukács Gyula Ignác


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Phone number: 0040758511356

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