Principal Investigator

My name is Csaba L. Dégi PhD, MSW. I am assistant professor and researcher at the Babeş-Bolyai University, Faculty of Sociology and Social Work in Cluj Napoca, Romania. I have bachelor and master degrees in social work, and I am a licensed practitioner. Since 2001 I have been working with cancer patients, cancer survivors, medical social workers, palliative care social workers, oncology nurses and hospital pastors from the Central-North-Western region of the country.

My activity was developed in the last decade both in Romania and abroad, starting with the six year research period at the Semmelweis University, Institute of Behavioral Sciences in Budapest, Hungary where I completed my doctoral studies in clinical psychology under the supervision of Professor Dr. Maria Kopp and Dr. Túry Ferenc. Since 2009 I have been working closely with Prof. Dr. Ellen Csikai, editor of the Journal of Social Work in End-Of-Life & Palliative Care.

APSCO team members are trained in protecting human subject research participants.

dr. Dégi L. Csaba PhD MSW :

dr. Dégi L. Csaba PhD MSW
Barna Katalin :

Barna Katalin

APSCO collaborator


Victor Gruița :

Victor Gruița

APSCO Development Manager

István Szász-Köpeczy :

István Szász-Köpeczy

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Claudia Găgeanu :

Claudia Găgeanu

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translation, writing and copy editing

Abrudbányai-Győri Melinda :

Abrudbányai-Győri Melinda

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language editor

Radu Munteanu :

Radu Munteanu

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Vágási Júlia :

Vágási Júlia

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Gábor Ferenc :

Gábor Ferenc

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dr. Cristina Faludi :

dr. Cristina Faludi

APSCO collaborator

PHRP certificate


Ambrus Beáta :

Ambrus Beáta

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Lukács Gyula Ignác :

Lukács Gyula Ignác

APSCO team member,
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Cîmpianu Mihaela Elvira :

Cîmpianu Mihaela Elvira

APSCO field research coordinator, PHRP certificate
dr. Kállay Éva PhD :

dr. Kállay Éva PhD

APSCO senior researcher,
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Dézsi Matilda :

Dézsi Matilda

APSCO collaborator

clinical psychologist

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Protecting Human Subject Research Participants Training