The number of publications in top journals from the last decade, invitations to be reviewers for international and national journals in the field, and the active professional memberships are all due in a great extent to approaching a highly relevant topic in Romania, the psychosocial screening and care of cancer patients. Selected publications are listed below:

Oxford Textbook of Palliative Social Work

Csaba L.  Dégi: Palliative Social Work in Central-Eastern Europe: The Emerging Experience of Romania, In: Oxford Textbook of Palliative Social Work, Eds.: Terry Altilio & Shirley Otis-Green. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2011

Supportive Care in Cancer

Csaba Dégi L.: In search of the sixth vital sign: cancer care in Romania. Springer Link (pages 1273-1280), 2013

Csaba Dégi L.: Non-disclosure of cancer diagnosis: an examination of personal, medical, and psychosocial factors. Springer Link (pages 1101-1107), 2009


Kállay É., Pintea S., Dégi C.L.: Does knowledge of diagnosis really affect rates of depression in cancer patients?. Wiley Online Library (pages 1418–1423), 2016

Grassi L., Fujisawa D., Odyio P., Asuzu C., Ashley L., Bultz B., Travado L, Fielding R., and Dégi C.L on behalf of the IPOS Federation of Psycho-oncology Societies’ coauthors: Disparities in psychosocial cancer care: a report from the International Federation of Psycho-oncology Societies. Wiley Online Library (pages 1127–1136), 2016

European Journal of Cancer Care

Hinz A., Mehnert A., Dégi C.L., Reissmann D.R., Schotte, D., Schulte T.: The relationship between global and specific components of quality of life, assessed with the EORTC QLQ-C30 in a sample of 2019 cancer patients. Wiley Online Library (pages 1-8), 2017


Quality of Life Research

Hinz A., Mitchell A.J., Dégi C.L., Mehnert-Theuerkauf A. Normative values for the distress thermometer (DT) and the emotion thermometers (ET), derived from a German general population sample. Springer Nature (pages 1-6), 2018


Psychosocial oncology needs: an absent voice in Romania

Csaba L.  Dégi: Psychosocial oncology needs: an absent voice in Romania. Debrecen University Press, Hungary, 2016

Journal of Evidence-Based Psychotherapies

Csaba Dégi L., Piroska Balog, Maria Kopp, Eva Kallay, Julian Thayer, Ellen Csikai: Depressive symptoms, negative life events and incidence of lifetime treatment of cancer in the Hungarian population.  International Institute for the Advanced Studiess of Psychotherapy and Applied Mental Health, Cluj Napoca (pages 39-57), 2010

Eva Kallay, Csaba Dégi L., Anna Vincze E.: Dysfunctional attitudes, depression and quality of life in a sample of Romanian Hungarian cancer patients.  International Institute for the Advanced Studiess of Psychotherapy and Applied Mental Health, Cluj Napoca (pages 95-106), 2007

Journal of Balkan Union of Oncology

Kállay É., Dégi C.L., Pintea S.: Are male cancer patients more affected by losing their jobs than female patients? Gender as a moderator of the relationship between losing the job and well-being in a sample of Romanian cancer patients. Journal of the Balkan Union of Oncology (pages 1345-1351), 2017

Daganatos distressz és életminőség

Csaba L.  Dégi: Daganatos distressz és életminőség – Kutatási referenciák segítőknek. Studium Alapítvány Kiadó; Editura Didactică şi Pedagogică, 2010

A daganatos betegségek pszichoszociális elemzése

Csaba L.  Dégi: A daganatos betegségek pszichoszociális elemzése. Elméleti bevezető segitőknek. Presa Universitară Clujeană, Kolozsvár, 2010

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